The Creation of Network Zombies


“The cameras were licking up the image of his body, were recording his every movement and noiselessly hurling them into millions of TV screens scattered throughout the world . . . Television reflected only people’s surfaces; it also kept peeling their images from their bodies until they were sucked into the caverns of their viewers’ eyes, forever beyond retrieval, to disappear.
“Chance became only an image for millions of real people. They would never know how real he was, since his thinking could not be televised.”
— Jerzy Kosinski, from the book Being There, 1970.
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Corporate Television: Who Owns The Networks?


HOWARD BEALE: “We are no longer an industrialized society; we aren’t even a post-industrial or technological society. We are now a corporate society, a corporate world, a corporate universe. This world is a vast cosmology of small corporations orbiting around larger corporations who, in turn, revolve around giant corporations, and this whole endless, eternal, ultimate cosmology is expressly designed for the production and consumption of useless things . . . ”

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The Interactive TV/Web


John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems, came out recently and said the cable companies better get a move on or they are going to miss out on the next wave of the revolution, video and interactive services. He actually told the cable companies to hurry up, if you act now you can benefit greatly from this limited time offer. Sounds like marketing to me.

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